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2008 USA Traditional Wu Shu/Martial Arts Team Trials will be held on August 9th in St Louis
by SHANG WU Chinese Kung Fu Association

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Shang Gao Won 2006 USA National Champion (4 Gold and 1 Silver)

Master Shang Gao, 6th Duan of Chinese Wu Shu certified by Chinese Wu Shu Association, has been practicing Chinese Martial Arts for more than 24 years and he is highly accomplished in several different styles. Last year, he competed in the 7th International Chinese Martial Arts Championships held in Orlando, USA and also competed in the 6th International Wu Shu Invitational Tournament held in Beijing, China and got many gold, silver and bronze medals in both competitions.

On June 24th and 25th this year, he participated in 2006 USAWKF National Championships & 4th International Chicago Wushu-Gong Fu Tournament held in Chicago, IL. This was an important and official nation-wide competition sanctioned and sponsored by USA National Wu Shu Kung Fu Federation, but it also attracted many Kung Fu masters and competitors from the entire world, including mainland of China and Singapore. Master Gao didn't compete in external/traditional styles which are his expertise, instead, he just focused on internal styles this year. He won 4 gold and 1 silver medals in total: gold in Yang Tai Ji; gold in Tai Ji 24; gold in Other Tai Ji; gold in Tai Ji Straight Sword; silver in Tai Ji 42. He even gave some directions and corrected his competitor's mistakes in their forms. Master Gao got the highest scores in total (all gold medals in all required events) and was the only one in men's internal styles qualified for internal grand champion competition. His excellent performance, warm-hearted, direct, honest, friendliness and professionalism impressed many audience, competitors and judges. He also performed traditional Ba Ji at master demonstration night and got highly evaluation. "I am satisfied with my competition results this year," said Master Gao, "I will continuously improve my performance quality to next higher level and also like to help my students, friends and even competitors improve their performance if they need my help. Making new friends, learning from each other and promoting invaluable Chinese Wu Shu and culture are much more important than the competition itself and this is why I am here".

In addition to Master Gao's great achievement, his wife, Liu Zhang, and son, Vincent Gao, also competed and both won 2 medals in beginner's events: Liu won 1 gold in Other Tai Ji and 1 silver in Tai Ji 24; Vincent won 1 gold in Open Event and 1 bronze in Traditional Northern Style. Master Gao said, "their competition results should be better just because this was their first time to compete and we can wait until they get more experience. I also like to take more students and friends to compete next time."

Chinese news on regional and local newspapers

St. Louis Chinese American News (7/6/2006, Traditional Chinese)

Below are some pictures taken during the champinships, click on these to see large ones


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