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Shang Wu Chinese Kung Fu Team Won Two Gold and One Silver Medals in 6th Beijing International Wu Shu Invitational Tournament

Master Shang Gao, 6th Duan of Chinese Wu Shu certified by Chinese Wu Shu Association, and his Shang Wu Chinese Kung Fu Team participated and won two gold and one silver medals in an international Chinese Wu Shu Invitational Tournament in August 2005. This is an international top level tournament held in Beijing, China annually. There were about 500 competitors totally and about half from mainland of China and half from other countries. This year's competitions is held from August 21 to 23, 2005. Master Shang Gao won a gold medal in Ba Ji and a silver medal in Tai Ji competitions. Master TingJi Li won a gold medal in Single Weapon and the 4th place in Chen Tai Ji. Master CunHai Fu got an excellent performance award in Traditional Tai Ji Sword. Master XueGang Li won the 4th place in Ba Ji. Jie Feng won 4th place in Broadsword.

"This is just our second time to compete in an international top level Wu Shu tournament, so it's new for most of our team members, but our results are excellent.", Master Gao said, "All of our team members and athletes expressed very strong desire and said they want to work harder and harder to prepare for next year's competitions. We just want to be the best!"

Master Shang Gao (the first gold medal in the first event of this tournament, Ba Ji; silver medal in Tai Ji)

Master Shang Gao and Grandmaster TingJi Li (Gold medal in Single Weapon and 4th place in Chen Tai Ji)

Grandmaster Bin Wu (famous Wu Shu Expert, Jet Li's coach, 9th Duan) and Master Shang Gao

Master Shang Gao and Grandmaster HuiFeng Men (famous Wu Shu professor)

Master TengFei Zhang (the first and oldest senior student of Ba Ji Grandmaster Li, HuChen) and Master Shang Gao (the youngest senior student of Ba Ji Grandmaster Li)

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